joyce_austinJoyce Austin, Four time Cancer survivor.
“God is not finished with me Yet”

I confess Jesus is my Lord and Savior and my healer. He redeemed me from sickness so I could have life and health.

As a four time cancer survivor, two time breast and two time kidney cancer.  Breast cancer was diagnosed in 2003, again 2013. Kidney Cancer was diagnosed in March, 2015, followed by two Kidney surgeries six weeks apart.

My mission is to encourage others to join the fight against cancer. Health disparities impact all of us. We should be striving for the best health for all communities regardless of race, ethnicity, income, or geographical location.

During “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” we honor the survivors, who continue the fight, and in memory of those families who have succumbed to cancer.

Jacqueline S. Wilds

A resident of Tampa for more than 38 years, Ms. Wilds holds a Masters of Administration from the University of Tampa and retired as a school teacher and department chair after 37 years of experience. An avid community volunteer, she has held numerous offices in community organization and has served as President of the Hillsborough County Charmettes, Inc., and the National Coalition of 100 Black Women.

Appointed To The City Of Tampa Planning Commission in 2011. Serves as Vice-Chair of the City of Tampa Planning Commission.

Magaret_a_FisherMargaret Fisher gymMargaret Fisher a retired educator who continues to be active in her community. She is a founding member and current Chairman of the West Tampa Community Development Corporation. She is also a member of the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce and the Jim Walter Partnership Center US F Office of Community Engagement & Partnership Center.

Margaret Fisher is the Immediate Past President of Hillsborough County Chapter of The Charmettes, Inc.

Moffit Center

“A special moment yesterday (October 30, 2015) at the new state of the art Moffitt McKinley Outpatient Center with individuals I greatly I admire” Nikki Ross-Inda wrote.

State Rep. Ed Narian, Moffitt Patient and Family Advisory Council (Founding) member Joyce Austin, Former Florida Speaker of the House H. Lee Moffitt, Moffitt Publicity Staff Nikki Ross-Inda, and Vice-President of Community Relations Dr. B. Lee Green.